How To Check Your Balance On A Way2Go Card

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If you have been using your Way2Go card for purchases, then you will need to check your balance periodically. But how do you check your balance on a Way2Go card? Let's take a look below.

You can either check your Way2Go card balance at or by using the Way2Go app. You will need to sign into your account to get your Way2Go card balance. You can also call the customer service automated line in your state and follow the prompts to receive your balance information.

It is important to keep track of your Way2Go card balance so that you don't run out of funds when making purchases. In this article, we will discuss how to check your Way2Go card balance in greater detail. We will also answer other frequently asked questions about the Way2Go card, so read on!

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How Do I Check My Balance On The Way2Go Card?

The Way2Go card is a debit MasterCard that makes it easier for you to make purchases. You can use the card at any merchant that accepts Mastercard debit cards. Your unemployment insurance benefits are automatically deposited onto the card.

From there, you can start using the card to make online and in-store purchases. But the key to using your card without any issues is to keep track of your balance. There are several ways you can check your Way2Go card balance:

  1. You can log in to your account at and view your available balance from there
  2. Download and use the free Way2Go app. You can check your balance from within the app.
  3. Call the customer service automated line in your state and follow the prompts to check your balance.

The Way2Go card will have a daily spending limit, so make sure to stay within that limit. It is also a good idea to check your balance before making any major purchases to prevent overspending.

If you don't want to use a Way2Go card, that's completely fine. Instead, you can have your unemployment insurance benefits direct deposited into a bank account. This is a great option if you already have an existing bank account, as it will give you more control over your funds.

For more information on direct deposit options, contact the customer service team at Way2Go card. They will be able to provide you with more details and answer any questions that you may have.

No matter what option you choose for managing your unemployment insurance benefits, there are options for you to stay on top of your spending.

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What Are The Benefits Of A Way2Go Prepaid Debit Mastercard?

There are benefits to using a Way2Go prepaid debit Mastercard. Here are some of the advantages that you can enjoy when using your card:


With the Way2Go card, you can make purchases at any merchant that accepts Mastercard debit cards. This gives you greater convenience and makes it easier to buy what you need online or in-store. You can also use the card to withdraw cash from any ATM.


The Way2Go card is secure and protected with the latest encryption technologies. This provides you with peace of mind when using your card for purchases. You can also keep track of your spending by regularly checking your balance on the app or website.

Automated Notifications

When you get your Way2Go card, you will get automated notifications whenever your unemployment insurance benefits are deposited into your account. These automated messages will come via email or phone, whichever you prefer.

Transfer Balances

You can also transfer your balances between accounts so that you can easily manage your funds. For example, you can transfer your unemployment insurance benefits from your Way2Go card to your savings or checking account.

This is great if you want to put it into investments or need to make purchases where Mastercard is not accepted.

Customer Support

With the Way2Go card, you can check your balances and transaction history online or by the app. In addition, use the customer service phone number on your card to contact the customer service team for help.

Finally, you can also visit their website for more information and answers to frequently asked questions about Way2Go card services.

Good For Five Years

The Way2Go card is good for five years, so you won’t have to worry about getting a new one anytime soon. This means that you can use it for up to five years without any issues or hassle.

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When Will I Recieve My Way2Go Card?

After making a claim for a Way2Go card, your card should arrive within 2-10 business days. The card will come in a plain white envelope, so don't think it's junk mail!

If you don't receive it within the time frame, contact their customer service team to get further assistance.

How Do I Activate My Way2Go Card?

Once you receive your card, you need to activate it. This can be done by calling the customer service team, the Way2Go app, or logging into your account online. You will then be prompted to create a PIN for the card.

It is recommended to activate the Way2Go card the right way, even if you are waiting to be approved for benefits. Not activating your card can delay future benefits which you receive.

You will also be given step-by-step instructions on how to set up direct deposit. As mentioned earlier, this gives you the freedom to transfer Way2Go funds from the card to your bank account.

After activating the card, hold on to it until its expiration date. This is in case you need benefits again in the future.

How Do I Recieve Unemployment Insurance Benefits?

You will need to make a claim in your state for unemployment insurance benefits. Once the claim is approved, your funds will be deposited within 48-72 hours of the first payable week onto your Way2Go card.

In some states, you will need to certify benefits on week two. If you don't, funds won't be added to your card on a weekly basis. After filing your weekly benefits claim, you will continue receiving the funds for the approved weeks.

Keep in mind you can't add any additional funds to your Way2Go card. Only approved unemployment insurance benefits will be added.

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How Can I Get A Replacement Card If My Way2Go Card Is Damaged Or Stolen?

If your Way2Go card is lost or stolen, contact the customer service team immediately at the phone number on the card. They will help you get a replacement and transfer your balance to the new card.

Getting a new Way2Go card typically takes 7-10 business days. From there, you will need to create a new PIN and follow the instructions on how to activate it.

What If I Received A Way2Go Card But Didn't File A Claim?

If you received a Way2Go card without filing a claim, you will need to report fraud and contact Way2Go as soon as possible. They will be able to guide you in the right direction and help you with any additional steps that need to be taken.

More than likely, you will be instructed to terminate the card. Scammers will hope that you call the number and give them personal information.

If you have any doubts about the card, contact Way2Go customer service on their website. It's better to be safe than have your identity stolen.

How Do I Get Cash At An ATM With A Way2Go Card?

Hand of a man with a credit card, using an ATM. Man using an atm machine with his credit card.

Getting cash from an ATM with a Way2Go card is easy. All you need to do is find an ATM and insert your Way2Go card. Then, enter the correct PIN and select "Withdraw Cash" from the menu. You can also check your balance before making a withdrawal.

It is important to remember that there may be fees associated with ATM withdrawals, and you should check with your bank beforehand.

If you need cash and want to avoid the fees, then do cashback when making purchases. Most grocery stores and supermarkets offer this service. Just ask the store clerk for more information.

When using your card for other online and in-store purchases, you don't need to worry about fees. Fees will only apply when making ATM withdrawals.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Way2Go card is an excellent way to manage unemployment benefits and other government payments. With this card, you will be able to transfer your funds, check your balances, and easily access customer service if needed. Use the information in this article so that you can get started using the Way2Go card right away. 

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